Memento Mori Crypt Finds

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During the renovation process of the Dominican Church in Vác a priceless treasure of cultural history came to daylight in 1994 when construction workers stumbled upon the entrance, walled up 150 years ago, to a stairway leading to the crypt under the church. In the crypt there were 262 colourful, ornate coffins, mostly in good condition, with the spontaneously mummified bodies of citizens of Vác, who died in the period from the second half of the 18th to the beginning of the 19th century.

Owing to the special climate the bodies of the men, women, children, craftsmen, monks, priests, army officials, and clerks buried there have remained in good condition. Some of the coffins and burial accessories – rosaries, crucifixes, icons, coins, scapulars – can be seen in the „Memento Mori” Exhibition of the museum. A significant part of the 1800 finds from the crypt are still being restored or sitting in the warehouse waiting to be shown in a new permanent exhibition (textiles, footwear).

The permanent exhibition, was located in the medieval vault of a house on the Main Square. The first thing a visitor descending on the steep staircase into the depth of the cold cellar can see is a view of early Vác and the list of names of the citizens who could be identified based on their coffin inscription.

In the small room to the left of the entrance reconstruction drawings of funerary rituals, copies of archival documents, and some older coffins are on show. In the imposing hall of the vault, painted colourful (yellow, grey, brown) adult coffins and (blue, green) children’s coffins have been placed. The images of Christ, the religious symbols and symbols of death on the coffins refer to the religious views and the relation to death of the men of the period. In the back of the room in glass coffins lie György Stefanovics, a tailor, a middle aged woman of unknown name and an infant, all wearing attire reconstructed based on the originals. Visitors thus get a glimpse of burial and funerary traditions of the period between the end of the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century.

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