The Crypt of St. Michael’s Church

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér közepe
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Archeological exhibition in the late crypt of St. Michael’s Church (in the middle of Március 15. Square).Before the renovation of the Main Square there was a thorough excavation. As a result precious ruins and finding were found.

St. Michael’s Church Exhibition Hall

The place where today’s Main Square of Vác is situated was already inhabited in the period of the Conquest. People living in the small settlement probably built a small church in the 11th or 12th century. Nothing was left of the building itself only the cemetery connected to it and some graves recovered in it prove its existence. After the ravaging of the Mongolians in 1241, Germans moved into this part of Vác in the second half of the 13th century. The newcomers established Saint Michael’s Church and its graveyard, the very first documentation of which dates back to 1319. So little has been recovered from the foundation of the late roman style building, that its precise plan to reconstruct is impossible. At the end of the 14th or in the 15th century in Gothic times, it was completely rebuilt and enlarged. Until the middle of the 16th century small scale renovations took place referred to by the fragmented, carved stones recovered in the area. The Turks invaded Vác in 1544 and it was not before 1685 that they were completely driven away. We learned from a Turkish house registry originating from 1570, that next to the dilapidating walls of the cemetery surrounding St. Michael’s Church, there were several Turkish shops on the outside, while the other market was located a few steps away from them. The Muslims left the church to the Christians who around 1669, built a new tower onto it. After the expulsion of the Ottoman conquerors, the Catholics of Vác took the church away from its long time user Protestants, and, instead of using it as a cathedral battered in the wars they made it a pontifical residence. In the years after 1755 the medieval late Gothic sanctuary and the Eastern part of the Gothic nave was pulled down, then they started to build a longer cathedral in its place with a thicker, more robust base. During the excavation baroque footings of a crypt, mostly made of brick, were recovered on the eastern side. On the western part of the nave only small modifications were carried out. The planned cathedral was never fully built as the new bishop brought the construction works to a stop, had the new and old walls of the church together with the cemetery fence pulled down and the ruins buried.



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