Sights / Monuments of Vác
White Friars' Church

2600 Vác, Március 15. tér 20.
One of the nicest buildings of the square is the White Friars' Church, which had been built in the XVIII. century in baroque-rococo style.

There are different, wonderful decorations in the front of the church, Ion-offsets, spiral ornaments, vases and statues. Despite of the simple outlook the inside is very rich decorated. The colors are bright, the statues are white, and the altar-pieces are genial. The sensation of the year 1995 was the finds in a secret crypt of the church. 200 years along was the entrance of the crypt walled up. During the renovation of the church the entrance had been demolished and several mummies had been found here. A special climate of the crypt ensured the very good conditions of 262 coffins and the bodies as well. There is an exhibition Memento Mori in the cellar of the house at Március 15. tér 19. There can bee seen the mummies with the rich decorated palls, and the painted coffins. These founds are unique in Central Europe. In front of the church there is the statue of St. Joseph with the little Jesus.

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