Sights / Monuments of Vác
The Bridge over the Gombás-Brook – Bridge with the Stone Saints

2600 Vác, Diadal tér
The bridge over Gombás-stream is a nationally unique historic edifice. It is the only standing baroque bridge in Hungary.

Because of the statues the citizens call it ‘Stonebridge’ or the ‘Bridge with the Stone Saints’. It was built between 1753 and 1757 on behalf of the Bishop Mihály Károly Althann from the plans of building master Ignác Oracsek, in honour of John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of bridges and harbours. The statues weren’t completed all at once, in 1758-59 Bishop Pál Forgách and also Ferenc Würth had made statues too. Part of the artistic creations was made by the master sculptor József Bechert. Walking out of the town from the right stands St. Camillus de Lellis, the patron saint of healing, opposite of him St Barbara, the patron saint of the dying, in the middle John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of bridges and harbours, vis-à-vis the two apostles Peter and Paul.  Coming from the direction of Budapest is the statue of St Venant, portrayed as a knight and Judas Thaddaeus, the patron saint of hopeless cases.

The floods and wars damaged the bridge badly. It was extended in 1948 because of the growing traffic, its statues were renovated in the 90’s. The bridge is one of the oldest bridges on Hungarian public roads.

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