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Vác is a more than thousand year old small town in the Danube Bend. It is only 30 km away from Budapest, easy to approach by car, by train, by bicycle or even by ship.

Vác is rich in built heritage, thanks to the bishops of the town, who always supported the development. TheTriumphal Arch, the baroque bridge with the stone statues of saints, the triangle shaped main square are all unique buildings in the country.

With numerous exhibitions, like "Memento mori" with its mummies, and museums the town is an important cultural centre.

Vác is also a festival town. Spring Festival, Arts' Weeks in Autumn, Cultural Days in Winter, the Worldly Feast in summer and the Evenings at the City Hall are very popular events.

In every time of the year Vác is a perfect place for relaxation and entertainment.


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